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Information for Patients and Patient Relatives

In a time when you have difficulty, you can help your patients; we think that they are safe from the environment. There are certain rules that our patients and their relatives should obey for the health, safety and clinical adjustment of our patients. Adherence to these rules is essential for patient safety and the early recovery of our patients.

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Visits (Physician Visit Time)

Physicians and nurses are usually performed every day between 08:00 and 12:00. You will be informed about your treatment process by your physician.

Meal hours

Three main meals and snack meals a day are offered to patients who are under the control of nutrition and diet specialists. Inform the nurse if there is a problem with the presentation. Your companion can benefit from a nutrition service with a companion card that will be provided by the service secretary with the approval of your physician's proposal and your nurse responsible for the service.

Visiting Hours and Rules

Visit times in our hospital are between 13:30 and 14:30 each day.

  • Do not bring children under 12 years old for their own health.
  • Do not bring live flowers, food and drinks to your patient visits.
  • During your visit, do not sit in patient beds and do not throw away garbage.
  • We will finish your visit shortly.

Specialized units such as an oncology hospital and intensive care units are visited according to rules set by the relevant department, and you can learn these rules from the relevant section.

Rules for the Hospital

There are no leave-leave applications in our hospital, leaving out patients who are not in bed for a long time.

  • Do not remove your patient ID from your arm.
  • Do not leave your room during physician and nurse visits and during treatment hours. Do not leave the service unless you have permission from your physician and service hermit.
  • Do not keep food in your bedside and in your clothes closets.
  • Use the toilets and the bathrooms clean.

Rules of Relation to the Patient

A "companion card" is issued by the service secretary with the approval of the physician proposal and the service nurse to those accompanying the patient. In terms of the privacy of our patients, the woman is considered to be an escort to the Gynecology and Obstetrics Service. Companion cards that are found to be improperly used will be canceled.

  • Keep your identity card attached to your ID card at all times,

  • You should not do anything to the hospital except for physicians and nurses. If you have any problems with your hospital, notify the service nurse.

  • Do not leave your hospital except for compulsory cases. Do not bring food or drink to your doctor or give any food or drink to the patient without consulting your doctor or nurse.

  • Use the toilets clean.


Your hospital's central number is (0232) 412 22 22.

If you know the dialer number from outside calls, you can call it by adding 412 to the number you want to dial.

You can get information about your Room Number from the service secretary.

There are pay phones available on the floors and floors of our hospital.

You can use the phones in the patient rooms and the bank at the hospital entrance to communicate with the in-hospital telephone. The patient is not informed on the phone for patient privacy and safety.

Operating Room Patient Tracking System

You can get information about the surgical procedure of your patient entering the amelia, from the informing screens on the sixth floor of your hospital beds and / or in the cafe opposite the entrance to the hospital.

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