Quality and Accreditation

Our mission

We, Dokuz Eylül University Hospital, are a leading institution based on both patient and employee safety and provide health services in compliance with international standards.

Our vision

With the participation of all its employees, Dokuz Eylul University Hospital will succeed in;

-Providing health services with its professionally qualified and renowned medical staff and modern facililities

-Providing top quality, evidence-based and standard medical services

-Becoming an institution of choice at both national and international level in terms of education, research and health services.

Our basic values

  • Respect for human and labor
  • Reliability
  • Being scientific and reasonable and behaving accordingly.
  • Being hardworking
  • Sense of teamwork
  • Professionalism
  • Being innovative

Our policy

  • Thanks to our ability to make quick decisions and accurate judgements; in order to focus on education and to keep our organizational structure strong, we protect our understanding of administration which is fair, supportive, respectful to others’ opinions, knowledge-based, process-based, accessible and central.
  • We support our qualified, young, dynamic, devoted employees to express themselves freely; to improve their sense of responsibility, cooperation and belonging; to focus their attention on teamworking and multidisciplinary implementations. We believe in continuous learning and constant development.
  • We are aware of our duties and responsabilities. Having good communication skills in all areas, we do our best so that all our departments and services have international standards and the best quality.
  • We make no concessions on evidence-based scientific approach and ethical values.  By dint of being a university hospital, we increase our strength through the opportunities of international research, publications and education, which consequently raises awareness of reliability as an institution.
  • We have all modern approaches to true diagnosis and healthcare and we provide the best service thanks to our previous experience.
  • Our patient oriented approaches, belief in quality and focus on patient rights are awarded with patient satisfaction.
  • We always provide contemporary physical and technological infrastructure so that our positive recognition spreads all over the country.  
  • We regularly measure our corporate and individual performance in the belief that we can do better.
  • Having the responsibility of being a leading and innovative institution, we aim at being prefered by patients and employees both at home and abroad.
  • While having a say in determining health policy of Turkey, we contribute in developing a modern health system that respects patients and employees’ rights and meets their needs & expectations.

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Dokuz Eylül University Research and Application Hospital

Address: Inciraltı mahallesi Mithatpaşa street no:56 Balçova/İZMİR - TURKEY
Phone: +90(232)4122019  
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Dokuz Eylül Üniversitesi Hastanesi Balçova
Adres: Mithatpaşa cad. no 1606 inciraltı yerleşkesi 35340 Balçova / İzmir
Telefon: +90 (232) 412 22 22
Faks: +90 (232) 412 97 97
E-posta: info@deu.edu.tr