Organ Donation

Organ donation is when a person - while he was alive- voluntarily allows his tissues and organs to be used for other patients’ treatment, following a complete and irreversible loss of his brain function.

Organ transplantation

It is a surgical transplantation procedure in which a dysfunctional organ is replaced with a functioning one that is removed from a living or deceased donor.

Brain death

It is the irreversible loss of all functions of a special part of the brain called brain stem, which contains cerebrum, cerebellum and control centers. It is a process that ends up with an absolute death.  Brain death, coma and vegetative state are usually confused. In patients with a diagnosis of coma or persistent vegetative state, some brain functions are still active and they can continue to live with medical support for many years. In brain death case, however, the patient dies in a short span of time no matter how much medical support he receives.

Who can donate organs?

According to the law no 2238, persons over 18 years of age and of sound mind can donate his organs or partial organ.

Download Turkish Laws # 2238 on the Harvesting, Storage, Grafting, and Transplantation of Organs and Tissues

Is organ donation favourable or unfavourable for religion?

Most of the major religions approve and support organ donation. Presidency of Religious Affairs – High Board of Religious Affairs announced its decision dated 6.3.1980 and numbered 396 which stated that organ transplantation was religiously permissible
According to this decision, organ transplantation may only be performed under the following conditions:
Under necessity: that is, when a medical doctor, whose professional efficiency and integrity is respected, states that organ transplantation is the only way to save a patient’s life or one of his vital organs.
When it is certain that the person whose organ or tissue to be removed is dead.
When the patient who will receive a transplanted organ gives this consent to the operation.
In order to maintain public order, patient must have allowed while he was alive for the removal of his organs and tissues, or it is necessary to obtain the consent of the next of kin unless he says otherwise while he was alive.
No payment can be made in exchange for organs or tissues to be transplanted.

Reference in Quran

Quran, sura Al-Maidah, Verse 32, says: ” ….if any one saved a life, it would be as if he saved the life of the whole people”

Where to donate organ?

In organ transplantation centers, hospitals, transplantation foundations or associations

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