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Dokuz Eylul University Nevvar & Salih ISGOREN Hospital Outpatient Clinics are ready to serve you on weekdays between 8:00 A.M. – 17:00 P.M.. To benefit regularly from our Outpatient Clinics, please obtain information about our outpatient procedure. Please adress your questions related to outpatient paperworks to our infodesk officer or Outpatient Clinic Secretary and adress your treatment and medical operations related questions to your doctor.
The regulations are desgined to provide you better service. Please do not dispute with Officer in case of a problem. Please direct your problems to the Hospital Administration. Please obey the rules and help officers who warn you.

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General Rules on Outpatient Procedure

Outpatient Register Procedure is made by the Secretary of each Outpatient Clinic.

Social Security Institution(SGK), Government Retirement Fund(Emekli Sandigi), Social Insurance Institutions(SSK), Social Security Organization for Artisants and the Self-Employed(BAGKUR), Government Officers subjected to the law no 657, Children age under 18, Veterans benefiting from unemployment insurance, patients that are obliged to be taken care of military and these institutions registered to the Outpatient Clinic shall show their Turkish Citizen Identity Card, make proceeding with official identity and be approved through Medula (program name) system. The patients that are members of banks need to apply to the department of contracted corporations.

The patients’ document that is registered to the Outpatient Clinic system is brought to the Outpatient Clinic by Archive-keeper. It is prohibited to give documents to the patient or patient’s relatives.
Patients whose documents are registered into the system are treated in order by the Outpatient Clinic Doctor. Please hand over your documents to the related Outpatient Clinic Secretary at the end of the treatment. Please do not take your documents and file outside the hospital.

Please go to the related department with Patient Guidance for examination and analyses required as a result of the treatment. You can reach your Laboratory and Pathology results through website . Your doctor might require from you to go for a checkup. Please get an appointment for examination and checkup treatment.

The list of Outpatient Clinics giving daily appointments on the Internet and Outpatient Clinic Secretary

For the Outpatient Clinics stated below, you can get an appointment from our hospital website by clicking “E-RANDEVU ALMA”(get e-appointment) link or coming to the Outpatient Clinic Secretary on daily basis(within the range of quota)

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